Waste Management, Pest Control and Security Services

Waste Management is an integral part to achieving environmental sustainability. Our BCS services can minimise your impact on the environment and help you contribute to a greener, cleaner environment. We work with our clients to reduce landfill and improve their recycling processes.

BCS Pest Control services are provided by highly qualified and experienced pest control technicians. Our service quality and standard will ensure that your property is pest free. Some of the environments we service include offices, retail space, large residential complexes, clubs and restaurants.

We take pride in protecting your assets and the people that occupy your property. By working with you we can develop a security plan that best suits your business. BCS could combine physical security guard presence with technological security solutions to help protect your property and/or its occupants against potential theft, vandalism and assault.

BCS waste management, pest control and security services

  • General and recyclable waste
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Pest management services
  • Security guards
  • Electronic security surveillance

To discuss how our services can meet your needs and for a free quote, please contact us.